By The Cake Man


This is the third time the club has held its rally at the Sleaford Rugby Club. It is an ideal location, being not far from the town’s amenities. The scooter club members at the control tent did a great job looking after the arrivals on Friday, and Saturday. The field held up very well considering the amount of rain we have had recently. Plenty of riders turned up and soon had their tents up. On Friday evening the music was supplied by top DJs Dave, Ray and Paul, plus a live band - all good stuff.

On Saturday morning the sun was shining; this was very welcome after the previous day’s rain. A steady stream of riders and clubs turned up and the field filled up rapidly. One young lad had a miniature electric scooter - this was first class and he could certainly shift on this; he was really enjoying himself. Later there was a rideout to Heckington Windmill, which was very well supported. There is a coffee bar there that serves light snacks, plus a local brewery; some riders purchased a few bottles. The windmill itself is of interest in that it is the only working 8-sailed mill in the country.

A Vespa, complete with a sidecar, turned up at the rally. Talking to the owner he said that he has had this for about twenty years and is very pleased with it. He originally got the sidecar so that he could take his young son out for trips.

Later on the Custom Show judging took place, with Dave Brown having the difficult job of picking the class-winning scooters for the different categories. The best club award went to the “Dirty Mills“ Scooter Club. Ray and Paul, the DJs, kept the music going. The silly games included Space Hopper Racing, which was hilarious to watch, but not as easy to do as you would think. Other games included the Crash Helmet Putt and Motorcycle Boot Whanging. These games were great fun and well supported.

Saturday evening saw even more entertainment, and there was a great mix of music from the three DJs, plus great bands. Some riders just turned up for the day, while others turned up to hear the bands play. The final band playing was “Not Quite Geoff” and they were fantastic - what a brilliant finish to a great weekend!!

The traders on site kindly donated some prizes for the raffle held during the evening. Thanks to everyone for turning up - without you there would not have been a rally, and also well done to the “All-Knighters“ team for all their efforts over the weekend.

Luckily on Sunday morning the sun shone; it is always nice to be able to pack up a dry tent; and the riders could leave Sleaford dry and hopefully they stayed dry for the rest of their journeys home.

Cheer The Cake Man