The Sleaford All-Knighters Scooter Club

We are a rag tag collective of like minded individuals from all walks of life who just love scooters of all shapes and sizes (just like are members to be honest). We are from all around Sleaford and the neighbouring villages and when and where possible we help out in events, charity doo's and local causes.
We meet nearly every Wednesday evening at different places around the area, and when the weather gets good we try and organise two or three ride outs a month on weekends all over the county and beyond.
We are a no fees club all our funds are raised with our annual club rally, good nights and donations from club members. There is hundreds of years of scooter knowledge within the club so all the advice you need (or don't need) is there.
We also have a Facebook page and you can see all the different and to be honest fun stuff we get up to. You don't need a classic scooter to be a member of the club just a scooter and a sense of humour.

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