Emma-Jayne Parker and her friends again organised another Easter egg run to Lincoln County Hospital for the benefit of the children in the Children’s Wards there. Emma-Jayne picked the right day - the sun shone all day, with hardly a cloud in the sky.

The Sleaford All-Knighters Scooter Club met as usual at our regular meeting place at the Barge and Bottle pub in Sleaford, before heading off to Lincoln. We had a great ride there. Wendy had her first serious ride on her new scoot, complete with several Easter eggs carried in the space under the seat.

This year there was a new meeting place on Brayford Wharf, right alongside the water front in the town - very picturesque, with lots of boats bobbing about. There was a great line-up of scooters, and lots of people walking by kept stopping for a look and chat. I was looking for Emma-Jayne’s classic Ford car; however I spotted two Morris Minors, and one was being loaded with Easter eggs; another newer car also had eggs in it. Apparently the Ford did not feel like starting this morning, so Emma-Jayne she brought along her back-up vehicle. She had worked wonders in that the Sports Bar (part of the Holiday Inn group) kindly offered the riders taking part in the Easter egg run a free brunch of scrambled egg, bacon and toast - this was very welcome. Somebody gave us the news that the free breakfasts were being served and we formed quite a long queue, but it was well worth the wait.

Later the scooters headed off for the ride-out through the town. The solo riders got away without a problem; however a rider with a sidecar attached found out that he could not get through and he had to about-turn to get back on the route taken by the other riders. The ride-out around the town was well supported.

Over 150 Easter eggs were collected and delivered to the hospital. This was down a bit on last year, however, as Emma-Jayne explained, there were a couple of other scooter events locally, so she had expected a lower turn-out this time. At Lincoln Hospital this year she and her helpers were allowed to deliver the eggs to the children themselves, and it was nice to see their faces light up.

Well done to Emma-Jayne, Lincoln Knights Scooter Club, Sleaford All-Knighters Scooter Club, Grantham Scooter Club, and all the other clubs and riders who turned up, for yet another job well done.

I am sure that we are all looking forward to next year’s Easter egg run.


Col Tarantino Frost's Videos of the All - Knighters Ride to Lincoln